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Personal Belongings

Personal belongings by Senang provides you with coverage for loss or damage to your building and/or contents solely used for residential purposes only caused by the perils mentioned in the policy. It is sold as Zurich Z Home Protect Insurance

Yes, SenangNVS Sdn.Bhd is a registered agent of Zurich General Insurance Company Berhad under agency code: D15635-000

Personal belongings is open to homeowners and householders

Two ways to determine:

  1. For building( house owners), it is advised to insure based on the cost of rebuilding the property, inclusive of all renovations, fixtures and fittings.
  2. For contents,(house holders) it is advised to insure the total value of all your home contents, which means personal and household belongings of every description belonging to you and any members of your family normally residing with you.

You need Personal belongings to insure your building’s structures such as walls, roof, floors, gates, fences and garages around premises. Also it covers your goods and personal belongings that have been damaged by fire and other uncontrollable incidents.

Although it is not compulsory but it is extremely important to have one due to accidents that occur which are out of control,homeowners and householders find themselves out of pocket due to either they didn’t have insurance for their home or they are just not aware of the coverage they are entitled to.

Agreed Value is an amount calculated using Zurich Agreed Value Calculator to determine the Sum Insured against loss or damage to your building.

Note: Please notify us if you renovate your insured premise which increases or decreases the built-up areas.

Yes, subject to total value not exceeding 1/3 of the total sum insured of contents.

Item insured is subject to a limit of 10% of the total sum insured on contents.

No, as policy only covers for claims incident happening in the location specified.

  1. List detailing the description, quantity and unit cost claimed
  2. Historical purchase invoices in substantiation of the items claimed
  3. Quotations for repairs / replacements in substantiation of the items claimed
  4. Police Report (for theft loss)
  5. Fire Brigade Report (for fire loss)
  6. Technical report to confirm the cause of damage (if applicable)
  7. Duly completed E-payment form

You will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation upon successful payment. Policy will be e-mailed to you within 14 working days

The annual insurance coverage start 14 days from the date of successful payment including public holidays and weekends.

Yes, as Senang have the rights to reject your proposal in the first 14 days if the underwriting information is not satisfied. You will be notified via an official e-mail within 7 working days from the date of payment in event the insurance is not approved by insurance company. Payment will be refunded within 7 working days from date of email notification

You are able to cancel your insurance policy within 14 working days with no penalty charges incurred.

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