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Takaful Ikhlas -Perdana P.A. Takaful

This product will compensate you in the event of permanent disablement or death caused by Accident.

Tabarru’ - shall mean donation for the purpose of solidarity and cooperation among the Takaful Participants and to be used to help Takaful Participants in times of misfortune. In the context of the Company, Tabarru’ will be allocated into the Risk Fund.

Wakalah - refers to a contract where a party, as principal (muwakkil) authorizes another party as his agent (wakil) to perform a particular task on matters that may be delegated with or without imposition of a fee. In the context of the Company, we are appointed as an agent (wakil) to carry out the Takaful Business and a Wakalah fee (Ujrah) to be paid to the Company.

Note : Please refer to the Takaful Certificate for more information.

1. The total Takaful Contribution that you have to pay is below :

* Annual Takaful Contribution : RM30.00

* Sales and Services tax (SST) : RM1.80

* Stamp duty : RM10.00

* Total Fee Payable : RM41.80

* Special Discount : RM39.80 only for GHL Registered Merchants

2. What you have to pay if you cancel the Takaful Certificate:-

* Cancellation Fee : RM10.00 + SST (6%)

Age Limit: 3 years old to 65 years old

1. You must disclose all material facts such as your occupation and your personal pursuits which would affect our acceptance on the coverage and number of personal accident certificates/ policies and amount of Takaful/ insurance that you have purchased from other Takaful operators/ insurance companies.

2. You must disclose all material facts that you know or ought to know; otherwise your Takaful Certificate maybe in-valid.

3. If there is any change in your life profile including the occupation and personal pursuits, you are to notify us immediately.

We will pay for compensation on death or permanent disablement in accordance with the “Scale of Compensation” attached to the Takaful Certificate.

* It is fundamental and absolute special condition of this contract of Takaful that the Takaful Contribution must be paid and received by us before cover commences. If this condition is not complied with then this Takaful Certificate is automatically null and void

* You are advised to pay the Takaful Contributions directly to us via online payment.

This Takaful Certificate does not cover death or permanent disablement due to:

1. Person Covered committing or attempting to commit any unlawful act;

2. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny or usurped power, strike, riot, civil commotion, military or popular uprising where the Person Covered directly or indirectly participates or is involved howsoever in such activities;

3. Any act of terrorism

4. Should the Person Covered, whether sane or insane commits suicide within one year from the effective date

5. Pre-existing physical or mental defect or infirmity to the Person Covered;

6. Bacterial or viral infections, any disease or sickness, medical or surgical treatment (except such as may be necessitated solely by injuries covered by this Certificate and performed within the time provided in the Takaful Certificate) to the Person Covered

7. Childbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy or any complications thereof to the Person Covered;

8. Provoked murder or assault by the Person Covered which caused his/ her death; or

9. Any breach of Civil or Shariah Law and principles by the Person Covered;

10. Pre-existing permanent disablement or bodily injury to the Person Covered

11. Misuse or abuse of substance, alcohol and/or drugs by the Person Covered

12. Any other causes prohibited by Shariah Law and principles.

The validity of this program is effective from date of purchase and shall be valid for all claims lodged to Takaful IKHLAS General by 31 December 2020. The participants shall be notified accordingly should we revise the above dates. There is no waiting period for the Ikhlas Perdana P.A. Takaful inclusive of covid 19 relief benefit.

STEP 1: Complete the Claim Form* with the relevant documents as below: For Cash benefit of RM1,000 to the beneficiary upon death of the person covered due to COVID – 19:

* Doctor statement

* Death Certificate

* Post Mortem report

* Copy of claimant’s NRIC

* Proof of relationship

* For special hospital income benefit of RM 1,000 for treatment due to COVID-19:

* Investigation report**

* Medical reports**

** The reports must show the Novel Coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, or COVID-19 as per Ministry of Health’s definition.

STEP 2: You may submit the completed Claim Form with relevant documents to:

* E-mail to


* Mail to Takaful IKHLAS Head Office address /branch office.

**available in the website

Note : Claimant must submit the Claim Form to Takaful IKHLAS within three (3) months from diagnosed date.

You may cancel your Takaful Certificate by giving written notice to us. Upon cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the pro-rate Takaful Contribution for the unexpired Period of the Takaful. No refund of Takaful Contribution is allowed if there is a claim under the Takaful Certificate

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner.

Should you require additional information about Personal Accident Takaful, please refer to the insurance info booklet on ‘Personal Accident Takaful’. You can obtain a copy from your Takaful intermediary or visit

Takaful Ikhlas General Berhad Customer Relationship Management Department IKHLAS Point, Tower 11A, Avenue 5 Bangsar South, No. 8 Jalan Kerinchi 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2723 9696

Fax : 03-2723 9998

Website :

E-mail :

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