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Device Insurance for your Business Growth

Does your business offer device insurance for your customers? Consider this - when operating your business, you may take into account many factors to improve customer conversion, such as competitive pricing and your product's unique selling point. However, have thought about the importance of your customer's peace of mind? Businesses today are also competing based on customer experience. Research suggest that customer experience is a better predictor of loyalty and word of mouth compared to any other measure.

In current times, gadgets such as smartphones are indispensable to many, but they are also fragile or easily stolen. Thus, your customers may also factor in the costs for reparation and replacement when they are carrying out their purchase. Offering a device insurance for your customers is a great form of after sales service, and one of the ways to improve the growth of your business.

Get more with Senang

Now you can get more with Senang! We offer coverage for not only laptops and smartphones, but also for a wide range of devices and equipment. You may also get a coverage plan for kitchen equipment and food truck equipment.

We provide coverage for :

  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Ipads
  • Iphones
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Payment terminals
  • Office printers
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Food truck equipment

Our coverage : 

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Full theft-loss
  • Aesthetic damage
  • Accidental damages and total lost

With Senang, you can easily pick and choose the device insurance that best suits you and your customers.

Why get your device insurance plan with Senang?

At Senang, we believe that insurance should not be expensive. You can choose from our bite-sized policies that is most suited for your business.

Furthermore, We provide seamless API integration to connect your platform with ours. With Senang, your customer's journey can be simple and straightforward, providing extra convenience for both your business and your customers. Our app streamlines the process of buying insurance, as well as claiming insurance hassle-free.

For example, after your customers has carried out their purchase, order details will be sent to our API system for policy generation. Your client will then receive an email with their policy copy and login details via email.

Grow your business with Senang

A case study from Malaysia's largest I.T retail chain have shown that offering a device insurance plan has helped their business. They have seen an increase in average revenue per user, further solidifying the importance of giving your customers great after sales service and peace of mind.

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