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Offer your travelers peace of mind with travel insurance

When it comes to taking care of you travelers, there are a lot of aspects that you might consider. An enjoyable experience, comfortable accommodation, and an affordable package are all important for your customer’s satisfaction. However, have you considered the importance of offering them peace of mind while traveling?

Consumers don’t usually discuss travel insurance protection with their agent, possibly because it is not in their consideration, or they don’t think they might need it. Nevertheless, offering your customers a travel insurance can be very beneficial for both your company and your customers! Here are a few reasons why you should start offering travel insurance.

Recoup travel expenses if a trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Trips can be expensive, and it is a shame to lose hard-earned money if a trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. This is an even bigger concern during the Covid-19 outbreak season, where travel restrictions to certain areas can happen without warning. Furthermore, travelers might face interruptions due to sudden personal issues, such as illness or a change in their work schedule. In the case where you can’t get a refund from airline or tour operators, having a travel insurance is great to ensure that you can still get some form of reimbursement due to journey cancellation.

Medical benefits in the case of emergencies

Traveling may be all about having a good time, but we can’t deny that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. It is better to be cautious against medical emergencies, especially if travelers are visiting places or doing activities with high risk. In this case, having a travel insurance is great to take the burden off any medical expenses that might come up during the trip!

Create a win-win situation for your customers and your company

Offering your customers travel insurance is not only beneficial for you customer, it is also a good move for your company! Not only will you be able increase revenue per user , it also helps to take off some of the pressure on your company if something were to go wrong on your customer’s trip. Furthermore, when done right, you can increase customer trust and satisfaction in your company by offering them protection and peace of mind during their trip.

Provide travel insurance for domestic tourists with Senang!

If you’re looking to offer your customers insurance while they travel in Malaysia, now you can with Senang! We provide comprehensive packages for companies that facilitate tourists in Malaysia. Currently, our packages are only offered for domestic or inbound tourists in Malaysia.

Our packages

Package 1 Basic BenefitsPackage 2 Premium Benefits

The Basic Benefits Package will provide you coverage of;

  • Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement coverage up to RM200 000
  • Medical Expenses coverage up to 15% of the principal sum insured or RM5 000.

The Premium Benefits Package will be able to provide you coverage of;

  • Car Rental Excess
  • Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement, Medical Expenses (Due to accident)
  • Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Journey Cancellation
  • Baggage Delay (by flight)
  • Loss of Baggage and Personal Effect
  • Personal Liability
  • Golf Equipment (Theft and Damage)

Why Choose Senang’s Domestic Travel Insurance?

At Senang, we believe that insurance should not be expensive! We provide bite-sized policies where you’re free to select your coverage based on travel duration, without having to commit to an annual subscription.

Furthermore, we provide seamless API integration to connect your platform with ours. With Senang, your customer's journey can be simple and straightforward, providing extra convenience for both your business and your customers. Our app streamlines the process of buying insurance, as well as claiming insurance hassle-free.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with Senang! To know more about our domestic travel insurance, contact us @ Or visit