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Delivery Insurance for your peace of mind

For those running a delivery business, damage or loss to packages can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only do you face high monetary compensation, but you can also risk losing your customer's trust!

If  you are shopping items with high value,  you should consider getting delivery insurance as a top priority. Products such as electronics, artworks and other valuable items are costly and need special care while shipping. You may have the best carriers  for these items, but you can never be 100% sure of a safe delivery. Since packages go through multiple hands and are carried on different modes of transport, there is always a risk of damage. Also, a relatively smaller package has a high risk of getting lost during shipping . Insurance can provide you with financial reimbursement and will give you more peace of mind.

With Senang's On Demand Delivery Insurance, you can protect your items while they are being loaded, in or being unloaded from any road vehicle. This means protection for your goods all the way!

What can you insure ?

You can choose to insure items that suit the nature of your business. Delivery insurance covers :

  • General Cargo (non hazardous) and / or non fragile nature, inclusive of consumer goods, general industry machinery and equipment.
  • The following goods category which must be referred to insurance company prior to acceptance:
  • - Antiques / work of arts, all valuable items such as jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, currency, stamps, coins and similar kind.
  • - High attractive / target goods computer - mobile phone, smart phone, Ipad / tablet, valuable watches and cameras, valuable perfumes.

Why should you choose Senang's Delivery Insurance ?

In a business that is highly competitive, having a good insurance plan can help you stand out from your competitors. Our bite -sized policies and per job coverage means you won't have to shell out a huge amount at one go, giving you more flexibility!

Furthermore, We provide seamless API integration to connect your platform with ours. Our app streamlines the process of buying insurance, as well as claiming insurance hassle-free. Choose Senang now for extra convenience and protection!

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