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Senang Work From Home Insurance – Insure your devices up to RM15,000!

Working from home comes with many advantages, however there’s also a risk of your devices getting damaged. Picture this – a lightning strike kills your electricity, causing your laptop or monitor to burn out. Or, while working at home, your toddler accidentally pushes over your laptop or spills water on your devices. These can be frustrating scenarios when you depend on your devices for your livelihood, especially considering the cost you will have to bear to repair or replace your valuable devices.

For employers, providing employees with devices while they work from home means extra cause for concern as damaged devices can be a form of liability to your company.

What if you can get the cost covered, and get repair services right at your doorstep?

Work From Home Insurance by Senang

Senang is giving your work from home experience more peace of mind with our comprehensive Work From Home insurance. We provide a wide range of coverage for your devices including:

  • Screen crack – Damage to your display screen from accidental drops
  • Aesthetic damage – Damages to the devices’ exterior
  • Fire – Covers all electronic devices in case of fire damages
  • Lightning – Covers your devices in case of damage due to lightning strike
  • Liquid Spill – Covers all electronic devices in case of liquid spill due to accidents
  • Theft – Cover your devices in cases of theft

With Senang, claiming your insurance is hassle-free! There is no need for photographs and hard copy of proposal forms. Simply choose your package, choose your item value, and declare your items. You can also get claim repair services right at your doorstep for phones and tablets!

Why should you choose Senang's Work Insurance ?

At Senang, we believe that insurance should not be expensive. Choose from our variety of packages starting from only RM100.00 per year, and get insured up to RM15,000! It’s better to be safe than sorry!Get your devices protected and work from home with more peace of mind.

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