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Stay Protected with Critical Illness Insurance at Only RM94 per Year!

Health insurance is crucial for your protection and well-being, however, is your standard health insurance comprehensive enough? Have you thought about critical illness? Those who are lucky will probably never have to consider critical illness insurance. However, in the case of a big health emergency such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, critical illness insurance could be the only thing protecting you from a large financial burden. You may think that your standard health insurance plan is enough, but life-threatening illness can incur an exorbitant cost that is more than an average person can bare.

In the case of critical illness, in addition to costs for treatment, you would also have to prepare for other factors including:

  • Loss of income either temporarily or permanently, which can be a strain to you and those you’re taking care of.
  • Keeping up with payments of your current living expenses on top of treatment costs
  • Paying for lifestyle changes such as diet, nursing costs, therapy costs, or additional equipment costs.

Stay Protected with Senang's Critical Illness Insurance

Senang gives you peace of mind without having to shell out a huge sum! At only RM94 per year, our Critical Illness Insurance provides additional coverage for medical emergencies like heart attack, stroke, or cancer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Be protected from huge medical costs in cases of emergencies or illnesses. We help you to cover overruns, where traditional health insurance may fall short.

Total Permanent DisablementRM15,000 benefit will be payable in the event of total permanent disablement that occur.
CancerAn additional claim amount up to RM3,000 will be payable if you’re diagnosed with cancer.
Heart AttackAn additional claim amount up to RM3,000 will be payable if you’re diagnosed with heart attack.
StrokeAn additional claim amount up to RM3,000 will be payable if you’re diagnosed with stroke.
DeathRM15,000 benefit will be payable in the event of death that occur.

Great news for the health-conscious - you can also get a 1 Year personalized health coach e-consultation with GHL’s Critical Illness Plan! Get 12-months of practical health tips, and professional lifestyle consultation. You can get great information and tips on how to build a stronger immune system, lose weight or achieve your health goals!

How Can You Get the Insurance?

Here’s how you can subscribe to our Critical Illness insurance by AXA Affin Life Insurance. Sign up with minimal information to be protected. Once you have filled in your details, choose your payment method through online banking or e-wallet, and you’ll get your insurance policy e-mailed to you within minutes!

Senang Insurance is trusted in providing great insurance packages with a simple claim process! Our satisfied customers comprise of individuals and businesses across industries that have found our insurance packages beneficial for their protection and well-being.

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