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Senang Device Insurance – As Low As RM100 per Year!

Thinking of upgrading your smartphone or laptop soon? There are lots of questions to consider when pondering a new device purchase.  However, you might not have considered if you require a device insurance to protect your devices in case of mishaps.

We have all encountered damage to our valuable devices. Screen cracks on our mobile phones are common events. Furthermore, mishaps can easily happen to our fragile devices – a lightning strike kills your electricity, causing your laptop or monitor to burn out. Or, if you’re working at home, your toddler may accidentally push over your laptop or spills water on your devices.

These can be frustrating scenarios when you heavily depend on your devices in your daily life, especially considering the cost you will have to bear to repair or replace them. Often, the cost of repairing devices can be almost as much as it takes to replace them. Here’s where having a device insurance can prove to be valuable!

Device Insurance by Senang

At Senang, we believe that insurance should not be expensive. Choose from our variety of packages starting from only RM100.00 per year!

Senang gives you more peace of mind with our comprehensive Device Insurance. We provide a wide range of coverage for your devices including:

  • Screen crack – Damage to your display screen from accidental drops
  • Aesthetic damage – Damages to the devices’ exterior
  • Fire – Covers all electronic devices in case of fire damages
  • Lightning – Covers your devices in case of damage due to lightning strike
  • Liquid Spill – Covers all electronic devices in case of liquid spill due to accidents

How Can You Get the Insurance?

Here’s how you can subscribe to our Device insurance by Zurich General Insurance. Sign up with minimal information to be protected. Once you have filled in your details, choose your payment method through online banking or e-wallet, and you’ll get your insurance policy e-mailed to you within minutes!

Senang Insurance is trusted in providing great insurance packages with a simple claim process! Our satisfied customers comprise of individuals and businesses across industries that have found our insurance packages beneficial for their protection and well-being.

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