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Senang Lifestyle Insurance – Protect your Home and Goods for as Low as RM89!

What is lifestyle insurance? Lifestyle insurance is an important part of protecting your house and personal belongings.

You need lifestyle insurance to insure your building’s structures such as walls, roof, floors, gates, and garages around premises. It also covers your goods and personal belongings that have been damaged by fire and other uncontrollable incidents.

It's important to keep in mind that coverage come with limits — the maximum amount your insurance policy will pay toward a covered claim. When selecting your coverage, be sure to consider things like the potential cost of rebuilding your home or replacing your belongings. This can ensure that you’re better prepared if your home or belongings are damaged or destroyed by a fire or other peril.

Here are our recommendations:

  • For building (house owners), it is advised to insure based on the cost of rebuilding the property, inclusive of all renovations, fixtures and fittings.
  • For contents,(house holders) it is advised to insure the total value of all your home contents, which means personal and household belongings of every description belonging to you and any members of your family normally residing with you.

What’s Great about Senang’s Lifestyle Insurance?

Lifestyle insurance by Senang provides you with coverage for loss or damage to your building and/or contents solely used for residential purposes.

You won’t have to worry about under-insurance with our first loss sum insured package! Get paid up to plan value, regardless of whether your item is worth more than the plan value.

With our Lifestyle Insurance package, you can get protection for the following:

Household goods – Safeguard you and your family members’ household goods such as electronic items.

High value items – Cover your personal high value items such as jewellery in case of theft and fire.

Riot, strike and malicious damage – Cover your personal items in event of riot, strike or malicious damage.

How Can You Get the Insurance?

Here’s how you can subscribe to our Lifestyle insurance by Zurich General Insurance. Sign up with minimal information to be protected. Once you have filled in your details, choose your payment method through online banking or e-wallet, and you’ll get your insurance policy e-mailed to you within minutes!

Senang Insurance is trusted in providing great insurance packages with a simple claim process! Our satisfied customers comprise of individuals and businesses across industries that have found our insurance packages beneficial for their protection and well-being.

For more information about our Lifestyle Insurance:

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