IKHLAS Perdana P.A. Takaful inclusive
of Covid 19 relief programme

ONLY RM39.80


The Coverage


Accidental Death/ Permanent Disablement


Immediate Death / Funeral Expenses


Hospital Allowance (up to 30 days excluding first day)


Hospital Income Benefit

A special hospital income benefit of RM1,000.00 for treatment due to Covid-19
Applicable Till Year End 2020

Cash Benefit

Cash Benefit to Beneficiary upon death of person covered due to Covid 19
Applicable Till Year End 2020

Takaful Ikhlas -Perdana P.A. Takaful

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Compensation / Indemnity

Cash Before Cover

What are the major exclusions under the Takaful Certificate?

What is the duration of coverage under the COVID-19 IKHLAS P.A. Relief Program?

How do I make a claim on this program?

Can I cancel my Takaful Certificate?

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